About PDT

Joseph “JJ” Siebrasse founded Proven Dog Training in Clayton, New Mexico, after completing training at the US K9 Academy and Police Dog Training Center in Miami Florida. JJ is a veteran, and former corrections officer. Since he was a small child, JJ has had a love for dogs and now shares his passion and vision with others to help them have better relationships with their canine friends.

JJ is a certified in the following areas:

  • Trainer/ Kennel Master,
  • Dog Obedience,
  • Dog Behavior ,
  • Scent Detection,
  • Protection Handler and Decoy

Proven Dog Training specializes in training for K9 police dogs, and helping pet owners better understand their dogs through training. PDT has a top-notch German Shepherd breeding program that produces top quality working dogs. In addition PDT operates a store in Clayton, NM, selling top quality products for your dogs and other pets.

At Proven Dog Training LLC., we hope to help every dog and their owners to better understand each other and what each requires from the other. With patience and experience, The PDT crew has greatly impacted many families, K9 Handlers and their departments. Building confidence in both the handler and the dog goes a very long way towards a long fruitful relationship between dog and human.

Proven Dog Training

JJ’s Passion is Happy Dogs & Happy Owners

THE PDT crew is always ready to answer all your questions open and honestly. For more information about training, or the products in our store, please, feel free to contact us

Proven Dog Training Awards and Certifications

Clayton Union County Chamber of Commerce 2014 Rookie Business of the Year

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